If you are looking for qualified software engineering, with more than just the usual IT background, you are right here. Experience in Chemistry, molecular Biology, laboratory automation is accompagnying the IT knowledge.
Since the very early upcome of object-oriented programming languages in the late 1980's, OOP concepts and object oriented modeling methods have been applied in a wide variety of applications: Starting in university during my pHD work as a chemist (Free flow electrophoresis simulation and process control soft- and hardware 1990-1992), later as an employed project leader: Development of the control software for a complete laboratory automation device line (HPLC systems, autosamplers, fraction collectors, liquid handlers, solid phase extraction, syringe pump systems...). Since working as an independant software developer (1999), a variety of applications, mostly written in Delphi, VisualBasic or C++ added.

The main fields of activity are the chemical, parmaceutical and life science sector, but not limited to it. Device control software, self-explaining user interfaces, programming of MS Excel for data analysis, measurement data acquisition, automation concepts, database programming, scientific programs...: find a range of projects done for other companies as well as own products.


Jörn Heinrich, pHD
D-06886 Wittenberg
0048 94 35 43 593

i n f o (at) h e i s y s t e c . c o m