Customer a1envirotech, Düsseldorf, GERMANY
Date 05/2002-06/2002
Description The software controls a liquid handler. It processes samples according to the DIN regulatories for the sample preparation of waste water samples prior to their analysis for organohalogenides in waste water. The user interface offers all functions and parameters within a 40x8 Character display.
Hardware Embedded-PC, Gilson 222B Liquid Handler , Gilson 402 Dilutor
Language/DB Turbo Pascal 5.0
Protocols GSIOC
My Tasks OOP-modeling, UI-design in close cooperationship with the customer, programming, documentation
The software guides the user step-by-step through the parameter input until the run can be started. It offers two main branches: sample preparation woth or without desalting of the samply by SPE prior to enrichment on carbon cartridges.

The parameters are put in by a water protected numeric keypad and five softkeys for the menu items under the 40x8 character display.