ChroLine - repetitive preparative chromatography software
Customer BAYER AG, Leverkusen
Date initial development: 05/1999-10/1999,
minor modifications 03/2000
new HPLC pumps and UV-VIS-detector 12/2007
Description Device control and data acquisition software for repetitive preparative chromatography, autoadaptive control algorithms, process optimization with a few mouseclicks via the graphic user interface during first repetitive runs .
OS Windows
Hardware PC, Gilson HPLC-Pumps 303, 305, 306, 333, 334, -fraction collectors 202, 201, 206, UV-VIS-detector 114, data interface 506, 6 systems running since 1999 at BAYER Crop Science, Monheim
Language/DB Delphi
Protocols RS232, GSIOC
My functions OOP-modeling, GUI-design in close cooperationship with BAYER, programming, documentation, installation, customer support
Main screen

The ChroLine software is by the time now one of the most efficiant software products for the purification of synthesis or natural products from mg to hectogramm scale under laboratory conditions. (Publication in LaborPraxis 9/2001).

Only small columns are needed since the ballistic chromatography mode allows hundreds of preparative runs with the same column. An intuitive user interface with intelligent auto-adaptive algorithms allows the onset of sophisticated parameters with a few mouse-drawn lines in a test chromatogram. By that, the parameter optimisation takes place during the first few repetitions, after that, the system can be left alone for hours and days.

Principle of ballistic Chromatography (covered by BAYER patents)

The strictly reproducible "ballistic state" of the column is acheived by a short rinsing phase with appr. 1-2 column volumes of a strong eluent - and then in a fast step the immediate change of solvent composition towards the weakly eluting separation conditions. The sample is injected after one or two column volumes of the weak eluent.

Compared to analytical HPLC, the separation eluent is weaker for similar sample components. While the fractionnation of one sample portion still takes place, the next sample already is injected.

The injection is done by an HPLC-Pump working in volumetric mode.

repetitive scheme
The hydraulic and electric connections are lined out in the following picture. In the systems built up currently, robust and durable GILSON and Knauer hardware is used.