Employer ABIMED Analysen-Technik GmbH, Langenfeld, GERMANY
Date Development 01/1994-12/1995, thereafter support with additional modules and further development until 1999.

From 2000 base of the device control software of INTAVIS AG

Description Embedded-PC-control software for the complete GILSON-XL-device line: Autosamplers, syringe pumps, peristaltic pumps, liquid handlers, highly customizeable, task-oriented, functional plug in-modules for special applications from simple liquid dosage to complex sample preparation systems in pharmaceutical industry. Highly object oriented, polymorphous pascal 5.0 code, overlay-engineering.
Hardware Embedded-PC (128 kBytes RAM), Gilson Liquid Handlers: 222A, 221A, 222B, 221B, Gilson Autosamplers: 231B, 232B, 233B, ASPEC, Minipuls peristaltic pumps, 303,305,306 High pressure pumps, Syringe pumps: 401, 402SS, 402DS, 402DV, 506Contact-I/O-Interface.
Language/DB Turbo Pascal 5.0
Protocols GSIOC
My functions Project leader and architect: Definition of features based on feedback from the field (salesmen), layer architecture, OOP-modeling, UI-design, partially programming (base class definitions), later first and second level support of the product.