ALADIN (Automated Liquid Handling Application Designer)

The ALADIN software is a widely hardware independent liquid handling and laboratory automation software package. It offers an intuitive tray design for the robotic workspace and a task-oriented workflow definition. Many liquid handlers or stepper motor drive units can in principle be supported on request. Supported are: Cartesian liquid handlers, syringe pumps, high pressure piston pumps, peristaltic pumps, analog/digital-interfaces, fraction collectors.

Multiple liquid handlers can be controlled to work together in the same application.

During method development, the ALADIN framework offers the possibility of in-run changes of all liquid handling parameters to cut down the application or method development times to a minimum.

It has a completely free defineable cartesian working space, no matter, if the liquid handlers axes are the size of a microscopic manipulation unit or if they belong to a HTS machine with 1 meter or more travelling path.

The workspace with its sample carriers and reagents is defined in a graphic way, compareable to a vector graphics program like Correl Draw. It is based on a proven task concept which allows working procedures of unlimited length and complexity. The performance is extremely fast due to optimized code in the time critical data transfer modules.

It offers a logging of the data transfers to the devices, which eases fulfilment of the 21CFR11 documentation rules.

Additional task modules allow the user-specific adaption of the software for special requirements especially for controlled devices or the application.