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Overview pHcalc Buffer Composer

pHcalc Buffer Composer is a unique laboratory software for the calculation of pH, conductivity and osmolarity in complex multi-component buffers. It is applied in chemical and biological laboratories, in drug research as well as in teaching at college or university level. languages: english and german. Operating System: Windows 32 Bit OS (95, NT, 2000, XP, Vista)

pHcalc computes: pH, electrolytic conductivity, ion strength and osmolarity of aqueous solutions as a function of the concentrations and/or masses of an unlimited number of acids, bases or amphoteric substances.

Mathematics und Algorithms: Thermodynamic equilibria, Henderson-Hasselbalch-equation, Debye-Hueckel limiting law (ion strength & activity coefficiants), theory of elektrolyte solutions of Onsager et. al.

Input data: pKa-values, elektrophoretic mobility, molar masses + molar amount / balanced masses / concentrations. The substance constants for many materials are present in a user enlargeable substance database.

Disclaimer: pHcalc is not validated according to FDA rules and may not be used for any application where health or life of persons might be in danger due to the calculation results. The accuracy of the calculation bases on the pKa-values in the database of the software. Since those values are taken from various sources and can be edited by the user, the author of the software takes no guarantee that the calculation results are correct.